Cyclone Bingiza - Madagascar Situation Report #3

from UN Country Team in Madagascar
Published on 21 Feb 2011

- On 19 February, Bingiza left Madagascar after crossing the south-eastern part of the island. For the last 5 days, heavy rainfall has affected that area.

- The Government of Madagascar will not declare a state of emergency.

- As of 21 February, the National Disaster Risk Management Office (BNGRC) reports 14 deaths, 64 wounded and 8 missing person for the whole country. 5,591 traditionally built houses have been destroyed.

- Initially, around 8,393 persons were in transit sites in the south-east, but now most of them have returned to their homes/villages.

- One hospital and 4 health care centres have been partially damaged in Mananara Nord.

- In most affected areas, 149 classrooms have been destroyed. However, most children have returned to school in other districts.

- Logistics, shelter, wash, health, food security and education clusters are activated and already supporting the BNGRC with the response.

- The food security and livelihood cluster is planning an in-depth assessment to assess crop damage shortly.