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CWS Hotline - Week of 27/03/2000

News and Press Release
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SOUTHERN AFRICA - Church World Service is seeking $2.6 million for recovery efforts in parts of southern Africa, where more than 2 million people have been affected by the region's worst floods in generations. Immediate emergency needs, such as basic shelter, water, and food, have been met. "The big issue is for the long-term recovery... providing them with the basic household and agricultural inputs for them to begin farming again and begin supporting themselves," says CWS Emergency Response Director Rick Augsburger.
Worst hit is Mozambique, which had been making great economic strides since the end of their long civil war in 1992. Says one flood survivor, "The civil war was difficult and took a lot away from my family, but the flooding has taken everything." Some 650,000 people are displaced, and 120,000 families have lost over 140,000 hectares (345,800 acres) of land and crops due to the flooding.
CWS is working to help rural families that lost all household and agricultural supplies to re-establish their farming capacity as they return to their homes. Families in Mozambique are hoping to plant crops again in September, and planting is expected to resume sooner in Madagascar. Some 6,000 returning families in Mozambique and 8,000 families in Madagascar will receive rural resettlement kits, which include blankets, plastic sheeting, mosquito nets, health kits, landmine awareness materials, cooking utensils, a charcoal cook stove, wash basin, plastic jerry can, basic food stuffs (rice, beans, maize, sugar, salt, cooking oil), seeds, and tools.