CWS Emergency Appeal: Madagascar Cyclone Kesiny

Originally published
Appeal Number: 6450
Appeal Amount: $30,000
Situation Report

Almost on a yearly basis the island of Madagascar faces tropical cyclones that devastate parts of the country. Despite the repeated nature of cyclone disasters, the government of Madagascar has not developed ways to reduce the impact of these cyclones; casualties and infrastructure damage are almost always high. May 9, Tropical Cyclone Kesiny affected the northern tip of Madagascar, specifically, the areas situated between Diego Suarez, Vohemar and Ambilobe in the province of Antsirana.


The Church of Jesus Christ (FJKM) , a member of the Action by Churches Together (ACT) International network reports that 20 people died and 180 were injured while the infrastructure damage ran into million of dollars.

Emergency Appeal

CWS is responding through the FJKM, which is providing relief food; rice and lentil seed to affected rural farmers; cleaning supplies and clothing; housing rehabilitation kits; basic medicines. It is also conducting capacity building training for local communities and rehabilitation of water wells. The FJKM has implemented such other programs before -- the last one being a response to two successive cyclones, Eline and Gloria, that hit the island in February 2000 and was responsible for more than 130 deaths.

The specific goal and objectives are to assist the more vulnerable victims of this latest cyclone to return to their normal life - specifically, to enable them to recover their means of subsistence, improve their health and implement disaster prevention and mitigation strategies which will prepare them to better address future emergency situations.

Specific objectives are to provide:

  • 5 kilos each of rice and lentil seed to 2,000 affected farmers.

  • 5 kilos each of rice and bean and 0,5 liter of oil per week during 2 month to 1,500 effected families

  • Basic resettlement kit to 1,500 families : soap, cholera treatment, second hand clothes

  • Basic medicines kit to 20 FJKM dispensaries

  • 1,500 families with housing rehabilitation kits; each kit will contain 2 metal sheets and 2 bags of cement.

  • Basic medicines kit to 35 SAF / FJKM dispensaries in these region

  • Train 80 trainers and 400 local beneficiaries in disaster assessment techniques, prevention and mitigation strategies;

  • Reconstitute 10 cereal granaries for food security with emergency stock in the affected regions.

  • Rehabilitate and build 100 wells.
Budget is for $304,618; this includes $160,614 in direct assistance, particularly food, for immediate assistance; $99,390 in post-crisis assistance, including well and construction supplies.

CWS-ERP is seeking $30,000 from its denominational members for this appeal. For more specific information, including budget information, contact CWS ERP. Or go to the ACT web site:

CHURCH WORLD SERVICE, Madagascar Cyclone Kesiny, # 6459 (AFMG-21), P.O. Box 968, Elkhart, IN, 46515. Phone pledges or credit card donations: 1-800-297-1516.


Call the CWS HOTLINE for updates: (800) 297-1516.