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Commission approves a further €1.4 million for victims of cyclones Eline and Gloria

Brussels, 5 March 2001

The European Commission has adopted two humanitarian aid decisions totalling €1.4 million to provide food and nutritional support to high-risk groups in Madagascar and Zimbabwe. The assistance is being channelled through its Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO). It is now a year since Cyclones Eline and Gloria brought devastation to Madagascar and the south-eastern part of Africa. The after-effects are still being felt, especially in areas where local agriculture was badly hit and the crops harvested later in the year were insufficient to cover local needs. Madagascar receives €900,000 and Zimbabwe €500,000.

Madagascar - €900,000

Recent surveys of children, centred on the districts of Mahonoro and Nosy-Varika, have revealed serious nutritional deficiencies. The humanitarian aid provided by the European Commission targets almost 8000 vulnerable families with a particular emphasis on severely malnourished children. It includes the provision of basic food rations, and some food for work activities. ECHO's partners who are implementing the programmes are CARE (France), Médecins sans Frontières (F) and GAA (Germany).

Zimbabwe - €500,000

Cyclone Eline seriously damaged food production in the Chimanimani district of Zimbabwe, and some 15,000 people remain dependent on food assistance. The affected households are being supplied with basic food rations and seeds for planting. The German NGO HELP is delivering the aid.