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ADB approves grants totalling USD 1,500,000 to Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Madagascar for Emergency Relief Assistance

ABIDJAN, 15 March 2000 - The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank has today approved a total of USD 1,500,000 for emergency relief assistance to Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Madagascar.

In February 2000, the three countries were hit by the worst floods in 50 years, which affected thousands of people and caused extensive damage to life and infrastructure such as roads, bridges, communication facilities, power lines and farms. Many of the affected areas are without access to safe drinking water, health care and other basic services.

In the wake of these severe floods, the Governments of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Madagascar launched an international appeal for emergency assistance. The ADB Board of Directors responded to this appeal by approving today a grant of USD 500, 000 to each country for urgent procurement of anti-malaria and anti-cholera drugs and equipment.

It is estimated that these drugs and equipment will benefit thousands of affected and displaced people. The ADB assistance is part of a larger operation supported by bilateral and multilateral agencies.

Beyond emergency relief, the Bank will assist in post emergency rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts. ADB missions are on their way to the field for detailed assessment of the damage and rehabilitation needs of the three countries.