ACT Appeal: Madagascar: response to cyclones and floods – MDG151

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Appeal Target: US$ 150,000

Balance Requested: US$ 3,488

Geneva,3 March 2015

Dear Colleagues,

On 16 January 2015 Cyclone Chedza hit the south - western part of the country in the regions of Menabe and Melaky with heavy rains accompanied by strong winds of 100km/hr and a displ acement of 15km/hr causing severe damage and massive flooding in most parts of North West of Madagascar.
On 7 February 2015 Tropical Storm Fundi battered the coast of the southern region of Madagascar bringing sustained winds to the region worsening the situation following the passage of Cyclone Chedza.

Prior to this, the region had been experiencing severe drought impacting on the community with wide spread famine.

Pressure from the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone has brought about increased precipitati on causing sustained heavy rainfall across the country leading to flooding and landslides. In general , the weather pattern as a result of the landfall of Cyclone Chedza and Tropical Storm Fundi and devastating d rought in the southern part of Madagascar has not changed much and has continued to be severe.
The ACT Madagascar Forum is proposing to reduce the impact of the cyclone s and floods to the affected populations through distribution of unconditional cash grants, food and non - food items distribution.

This full appeal replaces the preliminary appeal issued on 20 February 2015, now removed from our website.