ACT Alliance Alert: Cyclone in Madagascar

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On the morning of Friday the 16 March 2018, the district of Mananara Nord and Maroantsetra in the peninsula of Masoala, Region of Analanjirofo, Madagascar, was affected by ELIAKIM, a tropical cyclone in category storm1. ELIAKIM brought with him a maximum wind speed of 105km.
ELIAKIM has come with heavy rains, causing strong floods in the eastern part of Madagascar mainly in the Regions of SAVA, SOFIA, ANALANJIROFO, ATSINANANA, ALAOTRA MANGORO where most of the damage is expected. As a result, communities in affected regions have been hit by three storms namely AVA, DUMAZILE AND ELIAKIM and has made communities more vulnerable every time a storm hits making their conduction worse.


The cyclone has put Manara district in a state of crisis. The cyclone affected persons find themselves in a desperate situation, with many unmet vital humanitarian needs such as access to food, shelter, health, water, livelihood and protection services.