WHO Libya: Health response to COVID-19 in Libya, update # 30 (Reporting period: 1-31 August 2021)



o In August 2021, Libya conducted 217 948 tests: the highest number performed in any month since the pandemic began.

o At the national level, Libya reported a declining trend, with an overall increase in the number of tests performed compared with the previous month. However, it is important to note that community transmission is still ongoing in all districts in the country, and case and death numbers remain very high in most districts of the east and south.

o WHO conducted three “Single Overarching Communication Objective” workshops that brought together 72 municipal IEC officers. The workshops, conducted in collaboration with Health Services Benghazi, focused on strengthening interpersonal communication skills for transmitting messages on measures to prevent COVID-19 and improve vaccine uptake.

o WHO also organized and facilitated a training workshop on COVID-19 home care and infection prevention and control measures for community health workers in Sirte. A total of 27 CHWs from two municipalities participated.

o Health supplies with an estimated value of just under USD 750 000 were distributed to 38 facilities.

o AstraZeneca vaccines donated by Greece and Malta (200 000 and 40 000, respectively) arrived at Mitiga airport on 17 August 2021.