WHO Libya: Health response to COVID-19 in Libya, update # 12 (Reporting period: 23 July to 5 August 2020)



  • Under WHO’s transmission scenarios, Libya’s status has been revised from “clusters of cases” to “community transmission”. A total of 4224 people in Libya have been infected with COVID-19. Of this number, 3495 people remain actively infected, 633 people have recovered, and 93 people have died. (This translates to 614 confirmed cases and 13 deaths per 1 million population.) The national case fatality rate is 2.27%.

  • The municipalities reporting a significant increase are Tripoli, Misrata, Sebha, Zliten Ashshatti, Benghazi, Ubari, Janzour and Zawiya.

  • Thus far, a total of 68 027 specimens have been tested. This number includes 38 784 in Tripoli, 14 045 in Benghazi, 8604 in Misrata and 5389 in Sebha.

  • Nationwide, there are severe shortages of GeneXpert cartridges and laboratory reagents used for virus extraction.

  • On 31 July 2020, the Government of National Accord (GNA) declared a five-day lockdown starting the same day.

  • Misrata is emerging as a hotspot. The city has the second largest number of people infected with COVID-19.