WHO Libya biweekly operational update (16-31 July 2020)

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COVID-19 response

Pillar 1: Coordination
• Disseminated daily updates showing new and cumulative figures for COVID-19.
• Attended the NCDC National Steering Committee meeting on a weekly basis.
• Produced WHO COVID-19 update, 16 July – 31 July.
• Completed EU proposal for COVID-19 support to Libya.
• Provided update to the emergency team in EMRO on 3LTC in Libya and Sirte situation.
• Provided technical support in reviewing the stakeholders’ analysis for the UNSMIL/UNDP health diplomacy project.
• Following registration of first case in Tobruk participated in emergency meetings of local medical advisory committee. Facilitated a number of TC sessions between MTI and COVID-19 Tobruk advisory committee.
• Facilitated daily contacts with Sabha crisis committee and the local health authorities.
• Participated in a meeting with DG of Sabha Medical Center and staff to explore the possible support needed to facilitate the continuation of work in the center which has been interrupted recently due to increased cases of COVID-19 in the city.
• Provided weekly updates on COVID-19 situation in the south.
• Conducted assessment (in the south) of the levels of readiness and preparedness undertaken at a municipality’ level by the MoH Tripoli.
• Participated in online session on negotiation skills for better pandemic response with Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation to prepare a training workshop on negotiation skills for WHO Libya frontline staff.
• Participated in TC with Health System Department of EMRO on assessment on the potential role of private health sector in COVID-19 in Libya.

Pillar 2: Risk communication and community engagement (RCCE)
• Preparations are in place for printing flyers and posters, installing billboards and procuring time slots for COVID-19 messages in radio and television in Libya.
• Prepared awareness materials to be disseminated in collaboration with the UNICEF and other partners.

Pillar 3: Surveillance, rapid response teams and case investigation
Continued to follow up on all newly registered cases across the country.
• Participated in a technical meeting with WHO EMRO’s Infectious Hazard preparedness (IHP) unit at WHO Health Emergencies Department on issues surrounding strengthening of EWARN system in Libya in COVID context. An action plan was subsequently shared as an outcome of the meeting.
• Completed transmission scenario classification for Libya as a country and for admin 1/admin 2 level areas. Libya has been classified as having Community Transmission with Tripoli and Sebha experiencing community transmission and eight municipalities experiencing cluster of cases.
• Continued to take the lead in Sabha in coordinating on surveillance, training, case management and IPC.

Pillar 4:
• Participated in a technical meeting with NCDC surveillance focal point and IOM on community-based surveillance among migrant’s flow using EWARN system.

Pillar 5: National laboratory
• Followed up with SARSCoV2 GeneXpert cartridges procurement for MOH and CPVID19 High Committee with different vendors.
• Arranged transportation and the visit of the head of Benghazi COVID-19 Laboratory to Al Baida to assess the needs of the new RT-PCR (donated by the NOC) and start pre-installation arrangements.

Pillar 6: Infection prevention and control
• Facilitated and organized 4-day workshops on COVID-19 IPC, case management for 50 primary health care doctors (in Benghazi - 25-26 July; in Al Baida - 27-28 July).
• Coordinated the 1st virtual training cycle conducted by Medical Training Innovation to Sabha Isolation Center, Brak Ashshatti Isolation Center, Sabha Medical Center, Sabha Triage Center, Sabha University, Tragen General Hospital and Bent Baya Rural Hospital, Berket PHC in Ghat, Tasawah Rural Hospital. The trainings were on COVID infection and Cardiac Complication; Respiratory Support and proning technique in COVID context; General Laboratory protocol used in COVID 19 Genotyping.

Pillar 7: Case management
• Organised two day two workshops on infection prevention control and COVID-19 case management in the context of acute respiratory infection for PHC physicians and nurses in Alkhomus municipality.

Pillar 8: Operational support and logistics
• First shipment of COVID-19 PCR lab supplies reached at Misrata Airport with cryovials and wipes.
• Of the 1210 GeneXpert test kits ordered, 490 are expected to arrive shortly. Two GeneXpert machines are also in the final stages of procurement.
• The ETA for the next rotation of COVID-19 supplies from Dubai is 1-2 of August.

Pillar 9: Maintaining essential health services
• Nothing to report.