WHO condemns the attack on a specialized urology hospital in Benghazi, Libya [EN/AR]

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On Thursday, November 15, 2018, an armed group attacked a specialized urology hospital in Benghazi. They beat three female nurses and two security guards and stole valuable equipment of the hospital. This incident led to the suspension of the entire operations in the hospital. This is the only specialized urological hospital in the east and southeast of Libya and its closure puts the lives of a large number of populations at risk.

Attacks on health facilities and medical staff across Libya have been increasing. Health workers operate in difficult situations and face intimidations, harassment, and attempts of the assassination while they are saving the lives of thousands whose access to health care services is limited. The World Health Organization reminds all parties that attacks on health workers, facilities and patients is a violation of International Humanitarian Law and calls on all parties to respect the sanctity of health care.