WeWorld-GVC Statement: Mission to Sebha, 26th May 2021

News and Press Release
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WeWorld-GVC Libya took part to the first Nexus site visit in Sebha gathering Local authorities and a Highlevel delegation from the International Community.

08/06 Tunis – WeWorld-GVC took part in the Nexus Working Group (NWG) Mission to Sehba on May 26, 2021 led by the WFP, the lead agency of the working group. At this occasion, representatives from UN agencies (IOM, UNDP, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNOCHA, UNSMIL, UNWOMEN, WFP and WHO), donors (EU, ECHO, Germany and Switzerland) and from INGOs and institutes (WeWorld-GVC, ICMPD, USIP) met on site with Sebha Municipality’s representatives, to discuss how donors, agencies and organizations can better coordinate their activities and increase their support of the municipality in the provision of services in Sebha.

The local authorities in Sebha have repeatedly expressed their willingness to see the international community more active and present on the ground. This event is a starting point for better access and coordination between the Sebha Municipality and the international community; notably with the opening of a regular UNHAS flight to Sebha; but it is also the first time that humanitarian, development and peace actors, along with local authorities and representatives of the Libyan civil society were seated at the same table.

WeWorld-GVC is very glad to have had the opportunity to attend this event which marks the beginning of the next steps of the Nexus Humanitarian-Development-Peace (HDP) strategy in Sebha; in particular the definition of Joint-programming between actors. Indeed, WeWorld-GVC has been an active member of the Sebha Nexus Working group since 2019, led by WFP.

WeWorld-GVC has been developing a HDP Nexus-related expertise during the past few years. The expertise is the result of implementing its Community Protection Approach (CPA, as community-centred empowerment & engagement instruments to support a de facto Nexus Programmatic framework. Based on the operational results in different countries such as Palestine, Lebanon, Guatemala and Tunisia WW-GVC has developed an extensive capitalization and documentation on the subject. Drawing from these practices, WeWorld-GVC defined key principles to ensure Human-centered HDP Nexus Programming, a Nexus in Brief paper examining the agenda’s key concerns, but more specifically a Nexus Toolkit to guide HDP programming of INGOs in Palestine. As a result of this work, WeWorld-GVC contributed to the establishment of a Working Group headed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to design the Italian National Guidelines on the HDP Nexus.

Relying on this expertise, WeWorld-GVC Libya has been developing its own strategy of intervention, with a specific focus on the Fezzan, in line with the collective outcomes defined by the NWG. WeWorld-GVC is relying on the CPA to develop a framework for HDP Nexus programming, in which the Sebha Municipality plays a key role in improving its ties with communities and upholding its responsibilities to the residents of the city.

As part of its HDP Nexus Approach, WeWorld-GVC will continue to advocate for further inclusion of the local authorities and of civil society in the definition of a HDP Nexus joint programming in Sebha by strengthening its presence and coordination in the ground and being an active member in the NWG.