UNSMIL Welcomes Libya Ceasefire Declarations to Allow Chance for Dialogue

18 January 2015 – The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) welcomes the unilateral announcements by the parties in Libya for a ceasefire to resolve the conflict peacefully through dialogue. The Mission calls on the parties to work with UNSMIL on the specific elements of the ceasefire, including the mechanism to ensure compliance with it.

The Mission views this encouraging sign as a significant contribution to creating the conducive environment for the ongoing Libyan political dialogue process.

UNSMIL urges the parties to ensure that the ceasefire applies to ground, sea and air operations as well as movement of armed personnel and vehicles. Committees from both sides will coordinate with UNSMIL regarding tackling any breaches.

UNSMIL is calling for an end to the fighting to spare Libyan blood, stop the destruction and pave the way for a peaceful search for solutions to Libya's political and security crisis through dialogue. A truce will also allow humanitarian aid to flow to the displaced and the needy in affected areas and will encourage international organizations to resume full operations in the country.