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Unsecured Libyan Weapons:Regional Impact and Possible Threats

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This document discusses the proliferation of weapons inside and outside of Libya following the recent conflict. Related information is available at Hyperlinks to source material are highlighted in blue and underlined in the text.

The fall of Moammar Gaddafi and his government marked a turning point for Libya. As the country seeks to rebuild infrastructure and establish a government that represents the people, security continues to be a large underlying issue that threatens to undermine national and regional development efforts. During the conflict, thousands of weapons were left unguarded. These weapons ranged from ammunition and small arms; to surface- to-air missiles and chemical weapons. This report examines the types of weapons that have been proliferated, the potential effects this could have on regional terrorist groups and internal security within Libya. Finally, it will conclude with a look at regional and international efforts to control the proliferation of Libya’s weapons.