UNICEF Situation Report #26 - Sub-regional Libya crisis

Situation Report
Originally published


Reporting period (17 – 28 September)


 NTC forces and forces loyal to previous leader Muammar Gaddafi continue to clash in the of Sirte and Bani Walid, and NTC fighters in the thousands are reported injured and killed in what is described as the “final battle”. The fighting has led to a caseload of up to 70,000 IDPs that are in need of humanitarian assistance in the corridor west (and to a lesser degree east) of Sirte, and in three locations south and northwest of Bani Waleed (Tinyinay, Nismah and Mizdah).

 UNICEF has in the past week concentrated on distributing safe drinking water to the 40,000 IDP fleeing Bani Walid, either staying in the three host towns or transiting to Tripoli. Around 200,000 liters of bottled water has been trucked to these locations to cover immediate needs.

 In order to ensure that learning spaces are child-friendly and conducive for learning, the Ministry of Education is planning to provide school-based, teachers’-based and students’-based materials to all schools and kindergarten in the country. UNICEF is providing technical assistance for the procurement process. The right to education for IDP children needs to be urgently addressed.

 Humanitarian actors, including UNICEF, are currently finalizing the 90-Day Consolidated Humanitarian Action Plan, outlining how the needs of the residual humanitarian caseload will be responded to.

 ECHO has pledged to fund the UNICEF water crisis response with a total of 2,5 mill EUR. A number of governments have also expressed interest in funding UNICEFs response in Libya.