UNICEF Situation Report # 21 - Sub-regional Libya crisis

Situation Report
Originally published


Reporting period (11 – 31 July 2011)


  • In the days between the 26-29 July, the anti-government forces in the western mountain region near the Tunisian border launched one of its largest campaigns thus far. Opposition and government forces engaged in heavy fighting in areas near Nalut, killing at least four and injuring 18 opposition fighters. Government forces have now reportedly been driven out of Ghazaya to Tiji.

  • UNICEF has delivered a total of 50,140 doses of critically needed vaccines, including PENTA and DTP, to local health authorities in Benghazi on 17 July. Further, the LRT is currently planning to extend its programmatic response to Misrata, Ajdabiya and the western mountain region focussing on psychosocial support and child protection issues.

  • UNICEF has participated in various inter-agency missions in the past weeks, including a high-level mission to Tripoli, a mission to Misrata, and one mission to the western mountain cities of Zintan, Jadu and Kabau. A permanent UN presence in government-controlled areas is not feasible at this time, but UNICEF strongly recommends regular focused missions in order to continue the dialogue with local authorities.

  • UNICEF has received 51.5 per cent of Flash Appeal requests as of 01 August. The overall Libya appeal for the UN has been funded by 60 per cent. The Libya Flash Appeal will go through a second revision process in August 2011 with an anticipated extension until the end of 2011.