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UNICEF Situation Report # 19- Sub-regional Libya crisis

Situation Report
Originally published


Reporting period (15 – 29 June 2011)


 The fighting continues across western Libya, particularly in the Nafusa Mountains where NATO has now initiated attacks in response to government shelling in Nalut. Zintan has also been attacked in recent days, and fierce fighting has been taking place only 80 km south-west of Tripoli with opposition forces stating to be making a push for Tripoli. Due to the lack of access, humanitarian needs remain difficult to ascertain.

 One week ago, two boys (15 and 10 years old) were injured by a grenade in the Ajdabiya area. According to ICRC, in the past 6 weeks there have been 13 reported casualties from Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) in Misrata alone. Immediate expansion of ongoing Mine Risk Education workshops is needed.

 Most of Libya’s 2 million children continue to miss out on urgently needed formal education as most schools continue to be closed across the country. Schools are not anticipated to officially re-open until the beginning of the new school year in early September.

 The UNICEF Libya team leader participated in the UN conference in Cairo last week to discuss a pre-assessment of post-crisis Libya and the potential role of the UN in post-conflict interventions.

 UNICEF Flash Appeal requests have been funded by 31 per cent as of 28 June, with new pledges worth 3.1 million USD in the pipeline (raising funds received to 47 per cent).