UNHCR Update Libya (7 June 2019) [EN/AR]

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 07 Jun 2019


UNHCR, in coordination with OCHA, is responding to the humanitarian emergency in the city of Ghat, southern region. Over the last few days, Ghat experienced floods caused by heavy rains. This has resulted in the death of four individuals and displacement of 2,500 civilians. UNHCR, through its partner LibAid, is now planning a distribution of blankets, solar lamps, kitchen sets, mattresses, tents, plastic sheets and water to support over 2,000 IDPs.
This week, UNHCR transferred 96 vulnerable refugees from Zintan detention centre (130 km southwest of Tripoli) to the Gathering and Departure Facility in Tripoli. Conditions in Zintan are dire with refugees and migrants living in overcrowded areas without proper ventilation. UNHCR continues to advocate for the release or transfer to safer areas of 3,400 refugees and migrants held in detention centres located near conflict areas in and around Tripoli. The GDF is now hosting 593 refugees and asylum-seekers. A new evacuation out of Libya is now scheduled for 19 June.

Population Movements

Over the last two months, 90,500 individuals have been displaced (IDPs) due to the conflict in and around Tripoli. IDPs moved to safer areas in Tripoli or cities along the coastal line and the Nafusa Mountains. IDPs destinations, including collective shelters, are themselves often close to clashes, thus risking secondary displacement and meaning that many IDPs and their host communities remain at risk. This week, UNHCR and LibAid supported 225 IDPs with core-relief items (CRIs) in Yefren (130 km south of Tripoli). Since the onset of the crisis,
UNHCR and LibAid distributed CRIs to over 9,800 IDPs.
As of 7 June, 2,725 refugees and migrants were disembarked in Libya in 2019. During the week, 375 refugees and migrants were disembarked in Al Khums (156 individuals), Azzawya (110 individuals) and Tripoli (100 individuals). On 2 May, 71 refugees and migrants were rescued near Garabulli following a shipwreck. During this event at least 22 individuals went missing. Last month, 1,224 refugees and migrants were disembarked in Libya. UNHCR and its partner,
International Medical Corps (IMC) provided medical assistance and CRIs to those disembarked before they were transferred to a detention centre by the authorities.

UNHCR Response

UNHCR continues to register refugees and asylum-seekers at its registration centre in Serraj. So far in 2019, UNHCR registered over 4,400 individuals in Libya. UNHCR, IMC and CESVI are also supporting urban refugees at the two Community Day Centres (CDCs) in Gurji and Salahaddin. In 2019, over 4,100 medical consultations and 400 medical referrals were provided at CDCs.
In 2019, UNHCR has supported 1,166 refugees and asylum-seekers with solutions out of Libya, including 291 individuals under resettlement programme and 875 through evacuations to Niger (580 individuals) and Italy (295 individuals).