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UNHCR Update Libya (5 March 2021)

Situation Report
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Population movement

As of 2 March, 3,170 refugees and migrants have been registered as rescued/intercepted at sea by the Libyan Coast Guard and disembarked in Libya. On 2 March, some 100 individuals arrived at the Tripoli Naval Base. UNHCR and its medical partner, the International Rescue Committee were present at the disembarkation point to provide urgent medical assistance and core relief items (CRIs) before individuals were transferred to detention centres by the Libyan authorities.

UNHCR response

Registration activities at UNHCR’s Serraj office in Tripoli are ongoing, with a total of 145 newly registered individuals from Sudan (90), Syria (35), Eritrea (7), Palestine (6), Yemen (5), Ethiopia (1) and South Sudan (1). Continuous registration services such as adding members, renewing certificates and updating relevant data were provided to a total of 182 individuals. As of 1 March, UNHCR has registered 43,624 refugees and asylum-seekers with Sudanese (35 per cent), Syrian (34 per cent) and Eritrean (12 per cent) nationals comprising the majority of nationalities.

Last week, UNHCR concluded a two-week mobile registration mission to Misrata city, processing 269 persons of concern, including 244 newly registered from Syria (147), Sudan (46), Palestine (29), Somalia (19) and Eritrea (3). Overall, the two-week mission processed a total of 520 individuals, including 260 newly registered persons of concern.

Last week, the registration hotline received a total of 234 calls while the Benghazi hotline received 16 calls. Hotline teams responded to enquires regarding CRIs, cash assistance, medical assistance, registration and durable solutions. Since early 2020, UNHCR has been scaling up its hotline activities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. UNHCR continues to distribute material assistance to internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees and asylum-seekers. Some 1,900 IDPs in Al Ajelat (80 km west of Tripoli), Misrata (190 km east of Tripoli), and Derna (eastern Libya) have now received CRIs as part of UNHCR’s winter campaign. Assistance included blankets, hygiene kits, winter clothes, socks, gloves, hygiene kits, plastic sheets and solar lamps. UNHCR also distributed CRIs to 705 refugees and asylum-seekers being held at Shari’ Azzawiya, Al-Mabani and Al-Kufra detention centres. As of 3 March, UNHCR has distributed 56,116 CRIs to persons of concern across Libya.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, UNHCR has supported the local community with the provision of medical equipment and items as part of its COVID-19 response. UNHCR has provided 15 ambulances, 12 generators, 10 hospital tents, 4,564 mattresses, 120 sanitary cloth rolls, 2,955 protection gear, 16,800 face masks, 14 prefabricated containers, 62,700 protective gloves and 3,961 hand sanitizers to hospitals and healthcare facilities across Libya including Tripoli, Al-Zawiya, Zwara, Aljfara, Benghazi, Almarj, Tobruk and Al-Kufra.