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UNHCR Update Libya (31 May 2022) [EN/AR]



On 24 May, a ceremony was held, marking the completion of renovation work of Emsaed School, in Emsaed city, near the Libyan-Egyptian border, eastern Libya. The project is part of the Blueprint for Joint Action by UNICEF and UNHCR, a global strategy by both agencies to collaborate, and strengthen efforts to provide outreach, expanded assistance, and delivery of essential services and protection to support children on the move. Work at the school, which started in October 2021, included the installation of new windows and doors as well as electrical cabling. Water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities were also renovated in order to make them accessible to children with disabilities. The school was repainted, inside and out, and shading was provided for the school yard. A new entrance was also built, making it easily accessible for children with physical disabilities.

Population Movements

So far in 2022, 7,353 asylum seekers, refugees and migrants have been reported as rescued or intercepted by the Libyan Coast Guard (LCG), General Administration of Coastal Security (GACS), Stabilization Support Apparatus (SSA) and the Libyan Navy in 83 operations. The last operation was conducted on 31 May by LCG in Azzawya at Marsa Deela disembarkation point. So far in 2022, 456 persons have been reported missing and 113 bodies have been recovered.

UNHCR Response

UNHCR, with partners, continues to provide help and services to some of the most vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees. The outreach team carried out four field visits to those who were transferred from Ain Zara detention centre to the urban setting last week. 42 individuals were reached, and the visits focused on identifying protection risks and highlighting unmet basic needs. High rental fees, difficulties in finding suitable accommodation and access to education and health services were among the main issues raised by the persons of concern (PoCs).
Follow-up actions will be taken by UNHCR and partners in the coming days. A meeting was held with community mobilizers from partner CESVI and community volunteers from partner International Rescue Committee (IRC) to discuss UNHCR and partner services for persons of concern. Partner IRC distributed basic relief items to 173 asylum seekers and refugees, including 79 women, at locations in Tripoli including the Community Day Centre and the Women and Girls’ Safe Space (WGSS). Partner CESVI assisted 191 families (316 individuals) with emergency cash assistance.

UNHCR continues to carry out best interest assessments and protection needs assessments for some of the most vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees. Last week, 28 best interest assessments (BIAs) and 58 protection needs assessments (PNAs) were conducted.
So far in 2022, 1,285 individuals went through protection assessments and 221 children had BIA interviews. Based on the assessments, individuals were referred to specialized services.
As of 29 May, it is estimated that there are 2,418 persons held in detention centres across Libya, of whom 908 individuals are persons of concern to UNHCR. Partner LibAid provided blankets, mattresses, hygiene kits, and slippers to 20 individuals in Tobruk detention centre.

UNHCR provides health services through its partner IRC, at public primary healthcare centres in different municipalities in the capital, Tripoli. IRC provided 676 general, reproductive and mental health consultations, and referred 26 individuals to public hospitals and private clinics. 38 medical consultations were provided in Triq Al Sikka DC and 63 medical consultations were provided in Ain Zara DC. The 24/7 medical emergency hotline team continues to support persons of concern. Last week, 31 PoCs were assisted, and seven individuals were referred to secondary health facilities.