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UNHCR Update Libya (28 May 2021) [EN/AR]

Situation Report
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Population movement

As of 25 May, a total of 8,599 refugees and migrants have been registered as rescued/intercepted by the Libyan Coast Guard (LCG) and disembarked in Libya in 2021. There has been a steep rise in attempted crossings during May, with some 2,800 people registered as being disembarked by the LCG in 17 operations. Nearly 1,600 were landed at Tripoli Naval base and another 1,000 at Tripoli’s Commercial Port; a 166% increase compared to the same period last year. In addition, on 27 May, over 500 more people were disembarked in several operations at Tripoli. UNHCR and its medical partner, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), are present at disembarkation points to provide urgent medical assistance and core relief items (CRIs) before individuals are transferred to detention by the Libyan authorities.

UNHCR response

During the reporting week, the reception team at the Serraj Registration Office received and processed a total of 601 individuals, including a total of 122 individuals with RSD and RST appointments. The team received and newly processed 249 individuals (170 cases) from Sudan (126), Syria (84), Eritrea (12), Somalia (10), Palestine (8), Yemen (4), Ethiopia (3) and South Sudan (2). On 26 May, the German Ambassador to Libya visited the the registration office and was able to meet and have discussions with asylum-seekers. (See link to video.)

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Community Day Centre (CDC) in Tripoli continues to receive cases on appointment basis only. This week, a total of 99 individuals (28 families) received hygiene kits (HKs), plastic basins, diapers, washing basins, and soap at the CDC through IRC. Medical assistance from IRC continues to support refugees and asylum-seekers at both the CDC and the LRC shelter in Misrata, providing a total of 141 consultations at the CDC including two at the LRC; 57 cases were referred to public hospitals and private clinics. So far in 2021, IRC has provided 4,307 medical consultations and 1,122 referrals. Also at the CDC, partner CESVI provided cash assistance to a total of 149 urban refugee and asylum-seeker households (320 individuals), where regular cash assistance was delivered to 39 households (157 individuals) and emergency cash assistance to 110 households (163 individuals).

Refugees and asylum-seekers being held in detention centres (DCs) across Libya continue to receive assistance. On 27 May, UNHCR through partner LibAid made distributions at both Ganfouda DC (65 persons) and at Ejdabia DC (six persons), providing blankets, mattresses, hygiene kits and slippers. So far in 2021, UNHCR with LibAid has distributed 486 CRIs and has supplied with WFP 444 food parcels to individuals being held at eastern detention centres. Currently, there are an estimated 5,097 refugees (some 1,100 are persons of concern to UNHCR) and migrants being held across Libya; 746 of these are being detained in the east.