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UNHCR Update Libya (28 August 2020)



UNHCR and partner, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) announced the opening of its hotline call centre. The centre will provide rapid and direct communication between staff and persons of concern across Libya. This will allow UNHCR to strengthen its response to the enquires of refugees and asylum-seekers, and provide them with the right information and counselling.

Population movement

As of 27 August, 7,256 refugees and migrants have been registered as rescued/intercepted at sea by the Libyan Coast Guard and disembarked in Libya. The majority of those who disembarked in Libya as of yet, comprise nationals from Sudan (29 per cent), Bangladesh (12 per cent) and Mali (7 per cent). So far this year, a total of 2,176 persons of concern to UNHCR disembarked in Libya.

UNHCR and its partner, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), continue to be present at the disembarkation points to provide urgent medical assistance and core relief items (CRIs) before individuals are transferred to detention centres by the Libyan authorities.

UNHCR response

UNHCR has registered a total of 206 (including 47 females) refugees and asylum-seekers at its Serraj Office. Those registered are from Sudan (135), Syria (41), Eritrea (8), South Sudan (4), Somalia (6), Yemen (4), Palestine (3) and Ethiopia (5). So far this year, UNHCR registered a total of 5,120 individuals in Libya.

Last week, UNHCR through its partner, CESVI distributed 46 hygiene kits at the Community Day Centre in Tripoli. In eastern Libya, partner Première Urgence Internationale distributed CRIs and hygiene kits on 23 August to 15 individuals being held at Al Marj detention centre and on 25 August to 136 detainees at Guanfooda DC. As of 27 August, some 17,000 refugees and asylum-seekers received CRIs.

Medical assistance continues to be provided to refugees and asylum-seekers living in the urban community. UNHCR’s partner IRC provided a total of 79 medical consultations and 25 referrals in Tripoli, and 240 medical consultations and eight referrals in Misrata (190 km east of Tripoli). IRC also provided 21 medical consultations at the disembarkation points in Tripoli and Al-Khums. A total of 3,705 medical consultations have been provided so far in 2020.

UNHCR's cash assistance for internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees and asylum-seekers is ongoing. UNHCR’s partner, CESVI provided cash assistance to a total of 155 refugees and asylum-seekers (59 families) living in Tripoli. This included regular cash assistance to 75 individuals (28 families) and emergency cash assistance to 80 individuals (31 families). Partner, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) for IDPs cash assistance, also transferred the first top-up to 500 beneficiaries in Tripoli and Yefren (Nafusa mountains). As of 26 August,
UNHCR provided cash assistance to 4,609 individuals including 1,747 IDPs, and 2,862 refugees and asylum-seekers in Libya.