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UNHCR Update Libya (26 April 2022) [EN/AR]



On 25 April, UNHCR helped with the release of 35 asylum seekers from Ain Zara detention centre, including 8 women and 20 children. Upon their release,
UNHCR and partners provided medical and cash assistance to all those released, and specific services were provided to those who were identified with other urgent needs, including shelter arrangements.

UNHCR and World Food Programme (WFP) in Libya are distributing 2,000 additional food baskets to the most vulnerable and food-insecure asylum seekers and refugees in Tripoli, Zawiya, and Misrata during the holy month of Ramadan. Last week, 116 families (701 individuals) received the food baskets.

Population Movements

So far in 2022, 4,200 asylum seekers, refugees and migrants have been reported as rescued or intercepted by the Libyan Coast Guard (LCG), General Administration of Coastal Security (GACS), Stabilization Support Apparatus (SSA) and the Libyan Navy in 48 operations. Last week, two rescue at sea/interception operations took place at Tripoli Naval Base (TNB) and Azzawya Oil Refinery Port, with 188 survivors being returned. Partner the International Rescue Committee (IRC) was present at the TNB to provide urgent aid and medical assistance.
During the week, two unidentified bodies were recovered along the Libyan shores. So far this year, 453 persons have been reported missing and 107 bodies have been recovered.

UNHCR Response

UNHCR continues to support persons of concern and host communities through distributions. Distribution of plastic tarpaulin rolls for displaced families continued in the Tawerghan settlements in Al Haleis, Bu Hdeima, Sidi Fraj and Al Anabeeb. With this distribution, a total of 163 rolls were distributed in seven Tawerghan settlements in Benghazi and 40 rolls in Ejdabia, to cover the shelter roofs of around 1,000 households.

UNHCR, with partners, continues to provide help and services to the most vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees. Last week, 72 individuals, including unaccompanied children, who managed to escape from different trafficking camps, approached UNHCR for registration and assistance. The individuals with medical conditions were prioritized for registration, and the remaining were provided with appointments, and 45 clothing kits were distributed. Field visits will be organized to the areas where they reside to follow up on their needs and provide assistance. Last week, UNHCR outreach team carried out a field visit to a new location in Thugar area close to Swani Bin Adam to assess the needs of over 18 single mothers and children. The individuals were found to be in need of urgent assistance including food and non-food items (NFI). The team will carry out another visit to follow up on their situation and include them in the upcoming food and NFI distributions. Partner IRC distributed hygiene kits, blankets, mattresses, tracksuits, rubber slippers, solar lamps, kitchen sets, soap bars, jerry cans, raincoats, diapers, and baby kits to 232 asylum seekers and refugees through the targetted NFI distributions in the urban areas.

UNHCR, with partners, continues to provide medical assistance to asylum seekers and refugees. Last week, partner IRC provided medical consultations to 189 asylum seekers and refugees and referred nine individuals for secondary health care services. Similarly, 74 consultations were provided to the detainees in Triq Al Sikka DC. Partner IRC also supported 23 individuals through the 24/7 emergency hotline.