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UNHCR Update Libya (23 July 2021) [EN/AR]

Situation Report
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Key figures:

223,949 Libyans currently internally displaced (IDPs)

642,408 IDP returnees

42,458 registered refugees and asylumseekers

104 monitoring visits by UNHCR to detention centres in 2021

122 refugees and asylum-seekers released from detention in 2021

6,521 vulnerable refugees and asylumseekers departed since 2017 (334 so far in 2021)


USD 93.0 M required for 2021

USD 43.6 M received as of 21 July 2021.

Population Movements

So far in 2021, a total of 15,690 refugees and migrants have been reported as rescued/intercepted by the Libyan Coast Guard (LCG) and disembarked as of 22 July. Those disembarked were 87 per cent men, 7 per cent women and 6 per cent children. The majority of persons of concern to UNHCR who disembarked in Libya were Sudanese (17 per cent), Eritrean (3 per cent) and Syrian (2 per cent). So far in July, some 989 individuals were disembarked across ports in Tripoli. UNHCR and its medical partner the International Rescue Committee (IRC) remain present at disembarkation points to provide urgent medical assistance and core relief items (CRIs).

UNHCR Response

UNHCR and partner CESVI conducted 80 protection needs assessments (PNAs) and 12 best interest assessments (BIAs) for minors at the Community Day Centre (CDC) in Tripoli. Nationals included Sudanese, Eritreans, Somalis, Syrians and Palestinians, with all cases referred to specialized services as necessary. As of 22 July, a total of 2,817 PNAs and 383 BIAs have been provided at the CDC.

Medical assistance continues to be provided by UNHCR’s partner IRC. Last week, 264 refugees and asylum-seekers living in the urban community in Tripoli received medical consultations at the CDC. So far this year, IRC has provided 5,325 primary healthcare and 937 mental health consultations in the urban setting; 1,538 in detention centres; and 783 at disembarkation points. In addition, more than 1,600 medical referrals were provided for both public and private secondary health clinics.

During the reporting period, UNHCR’s reception team processed a total of 711 individuals at the Registration Centre in Tripoli, including 106 individuals for Refugee Status Determination and Resettlement interviews. UNHCR also registered 324 refugees and asylum-seekers from Sudan (167), Syria (106), Eritrea (25), Palestine (12), Somalia (8), Ethiopia (5) and South Sudan (1). The newly registered individuals were provided with UNHCR certificates. A total of 6,853 individuals (including 4,704 males and 2,149 females) have so far been registered with UNHCR in Libya this year.

UNHCR assistance for internally displaced persons (IDPs) is ongoing. Last week, UNHCR distributed CRIs to 107 Tawerghan families (542 individuals) in the Sidi Al-Sayeh IDP settlement in Tripoli. Assistance included hygiene kits, solar lamps, plastic sheets, jerry cans, soap and blankets. So far this year, UNHCR and partner LibAid have provided 104,178 CRIs to IDPs and returnees across Libya.