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UNHCR Update Libya (21 May 2021)[EN/AR]

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Population movement

As of 19 May, a total of 6,753 refugees and migrants have been registered as rescued/intercepted by the Libyan Coast Guard (LCG) and disembarked in Libya in 2021. On 17 May, more than 250 individuals disembarked at the Tripoli Naval Base. UNHCR and its medical partner, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), were present at the disembarkation point to provide urgent medical assistance and core relief items (CRIs) before individuals were transferred to detention centres by the Libyan authorities.

UNHCR response

There are currently 43,021 refugees and asylum-seekers registered with UNHCR in Libya. Of these, 45 per cent are men, 21 per cent women and 34 per cent are children. The majority of those registered reside in Tripoli (52 per cent), followed by Aljfara (15 per cent) and Misrata (10 per cent). The highest diasporas registered in the country are Sudanese (35 per cent), Syrian (34 per cent) and Eritrean (12 per cent). Vulnerabilities include those who have specific legal and protection needs (43 per cent), serious medical conditions (8 per cent) and children at risk (8 per cent). So far in 2021, a total of 4,456 people have been registered.

Last week, UNHCR and WFP completed their joint food distribution for Ramadhan. A total of 1,768 refugee and asylum-seeker households (7,592 individuals) benefitted from the Ramadhan package. Distributions were made in Tripoli, as well as Zwara (102 km west of Tripoli), Misrata (190 km east of Tripoli), and Al Zawiya (45 km west of Tripoli).

Assistance continues to be provided to refugees and asylum-seekers being held in detention centres in Libya. UNHCR’s partner, LibAid distributed blankets, mattresses, hygiene kits and slippers to 99 individuals, comprising 87 males and 12 females, at the Kufra DC in southeastern Libya. As of 19 May, a total of 1,728 CRIs and 626 medical consultations have been provided in detention centres across Libya. Presently, there are an estimated 5,088 refugees and migrants. Of those, more than 1,100 are persons of concern to UNHCR with 88 per cent of the population comprising males and 12 per cent comprising females. UNHCR continues to call for the end of detention and the orderly release of individuals to the urban community where assistance and durable solutions can be sought.

At the Community Day Centre (CDC), partner IRC provided CRIs to 51 refugees and asylum-seekers living in the urban community. At the CDC’s clinic, a total of 107 primary healthcare consultations were also provided including 37 medical referrals to secondary hospitals and clinics. The 24/7 medical emergency hotline teams continue to be operational, supporting nine individuals. So far in 2021, UNHCR’s partner IRC has provided 3,687 medical consultations and 1,056 referrals.

Strengthening the livelihood of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Libya remains a priority for UNHCR. Since the beginning of the year, a total of 14,722 IDPs and returnees received CRIs to help them meet their daily needs while 13,630 individuals have been provided with cash assistance.