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UNHCR Update Libya (21 June 2022) [EN/AR]



As part of events to mark World Refugee Day (WRD) in Libya, UNHCR and the Libyan Scouts organized an event on 17 June for local communities, including displaced Libyan and refugee children, to strengthen social cohesion and provide a safe space for children to play and learn together. A range of educational and recreational activities was held, including drawing, theatre, games, and dental health awareness.

On 20 June, another WRDrelated event was jointly organized with partner International Rescue Committee (IRC) at the Libyan Red Crescent (LRC) Shelter in Misrata. It included an awareness session about WRD, painting activities, including working on a wall mural, and a session on psychosocial support. On 20 June, UNHCR Libya also announced the winners of the art contest who will be awarded with prizes and whose art work will be displayed in UNHCR’s Serraj Registration Centre.

Resettlement flights are ongoing, helping some of the most vulnerable refugees to leave Libya for safety. On 14 June, 21 refugees departed Libya on resettlement flights to Canada and Europe. Since 2017, 8,372 asylum seekers and refugees were flown out of Libya via resettlement and evacuation flights or through complementary pathways.

Population Movements

So far in 2022, 8,317 asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants have been reported as rescued or intercepted by the Libyan Coast Guard (LCG), the General Administration of Coastal Security (GACS), the Stabilization Support Apparatus (SSA) and the Libyan Navy in 101 operations. The most recent operation was carried out on 19 June by LCG in Zawya.
The disembarked group was composed of 351 individuals.

UNHCR Response

UNHCR and partner organisations continue to provide assistance to internally displaced Libyans and host communities. UNHCR donated plastic tarpaulin sheets to help children with learning difficulties take part in outdoor activities in the shade. The sheets were donated to the group, Mentally Disabled Friends, helping displaced Libyan and non-Libyan youngsters with Down's syndrome in Benghazi. UNHCR, through partner LibAid distributed core relief items to 129 displaced families (679 individuals) in Zawya. UNHCR through partner LibAid also distributed male and female hygiene kits to 1,100 families (4,930 individuals) in eight Benghazi Tawerghan IDP settlements.

UNHCR, with partners, continues to provide help and services to some of the most vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees. Last week, partner IRC distributed hygiene kits to 12 asylum seekers and refugees at the Community Day Centre. Through partner CESVI, UNHCR provided cash assistance to 76 households (319 individuals), including emergency cash assistance to 36 households (84 individuals) and regular cash assistance to 40 households (235 individuals).

Through its partner IRC, UNHCR provides health services at different public primary healthcare centres in Tripoli. IRC provided 314 general health and reproductive consultations, 51 mental health consultations, and referred 33 individuals to public hospitals and private clinics. 38 medical consultations were provided at Triq Al Sikka DC, and 53 medical consultations were provided at Ain Zara DC.