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UNHCR Update Libya (20 August 2021) [EN/AR]


Key Figures:

223,949 Libyans currently internally displaced (IDPs)

642,408 IDP returnees

42,210 registered refugees and asylum-seekers

141 monitoring visits by UNHCR to detention centres in 2021

127 refugees and asylum-seekers released from detention in 2021

6,521 vulnerable refugees and asylum-seekers departed since 2017 (345 so far in 2021)


USD 93.0 M required for 2021

Population Movements

So far in 2021, a total of 21,120 refugees and migrants have been reported as rescued / intercepted by the Libyan Coast Guard (LCG). On 19 August, 61 individuals were returned to the Tripoli Commercial Port, adding to a total of 2,412 refugees and migrants who have been disembarked so far this month. The primary nationalities of those disembarked this year include Sudanese (17 per cent), Bangladeshis (11 per cent) and Malians (11 per cent). UNHCR and medical partner the International Rescue Committee (IRC) continue to be present at disembarkation points to provide urgent medical assistance and Core Relief Items (CRIs).

UNHCR Response

Last week, UNHCR’s partner IRC distributed CRIs to 158 refugees and asylum-seekers at the Community Day Centre (CDC) in Tripoli. Assistance included the distribution of hygiene kits, soap bars, infant supplies, and clothing. As of 16 August, UNHCR and its partners have distributed CRIs including hygiene kits to 11,872 refugees and asylum-seekers.

During the reporting period, IRC provided 336 primary healthcare consultations for refugees targeting general, reproductive, and mental health. In addition, 98 individuals were referred to secondary public and private health clinics for further treatment. In detention centres, a total of 95 medical consultations were provided at four detention centres (Tariq Al-Sikka, Abusliem, Abu-Issa and Ain Zara). So far this year, more than 10,000 persons of concern received medical assistance from UNHCR and partners.

During the reporting period, 306 refugees and asylum-seekers were processed at UNHCR’s Registration Centre in Tripoli, including 60 persons for Refugee Status Determination (RSD) and Resettlement. UNHCR registered 131 nationals from Sudan (96), Syria (23), Eritrea (10) and Ethiopia (1).

On 18 August, UNHCR and its partner, LibAid started the distribution of hygiene kits to over 1,300 Tawerghan internally displaced families (IDPs) in Benghazi. As of 19 August, UNHCR has distributed CRIs and hygiene kits to some 25,000 IDPs across the country.

UNHCR continues to deliver humanitarian assistance for refugees and asylum-seekers being held in detention centres across Libya. Last week, UNHCR distributed hygiene kits to 560 individuals including 423 males and 137 females. So far in 2021, UNHCR and partner IRC have distributed more than 2,000 CRIs and provided some 2,000 primary healthcare consultations and 60 medical referrals.