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UNHCR Update Libya (16 August 2019) [EN/AR]

Situation Report
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  • 268,629 Libyans currently internally displaced (IDPs)

  • 444,760 returned IDPs

  • 50,821 registered refugees and asylum seekers

  • 4,240 overall persons arrived in Italy

  • 810 monitoring visits to detention centres

  • 1,661 refugees and asylum-seekers released from detention

  • 1,005 refugees and asylum-seekers currently hosted in the Gathering and Departure Facility (GDF); 2,280 individuals transited through the GDF since Dec. 2018

  • 4,418 vulnerable refugees and asylumseekers departed since November 2017

  • Funding USD 88.1 M required for 2019

UNHCR is deeply saddened by the passing of three UN colleagues in Benghazi, Libya, on 10 August 2019. Their dedication will always be remembered. Their memory will always be honoured.

Population movements

As of 16 August, over 5,280 refugees and migrants were rescued/intercepted at sea by the Libyan Coast Guard during over 70 operations in 2019. So far in August, 753 refugees and migrants disembarked at the Tripoli Naval Base (322 individuals), Al Khums (262 individuals), Azzawya (123 individuals), Zwara (46 individuals). The latest disembarkations took place on 13 August, when 282 refugees and migrants were disembarked in Al Khums (142 individuals), the Tripoli Naval Base (92 individuals) and Azzawya (48 individuals). UNHCR and its partner the International Medical Corps (IMC) assisted those disembarked with primary healthcare and core-relief items (CRIs) before they were transferred to a detention centre by the authorities. Recently, boats have departed from areas west of Tripoli near Sabratha, or areas east of Tripoli near Garbulli and Al Khums. UNHCR reiterates that Libya is not a safe country for disembarkation.

Over the past days, nearly 6,700 individuals have been displaced (IDPs) because of the conflict in Murzuq, southern region. The majority of IDPs are currently staying with host families and private accommodation in Sebha, Ubari, Wadi Etba, Al Gatroun, Taraghin and safer areas in Murzuq. Over 400 IDPs are also hosted in collective shelters. The main pressing needs are related to healthcare, medical supplies, food, WASH and CRIs. UNHCR is planning to distribute CRIs targeting 1,000 persons in the coming days.