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UNHCR Update Libya (13 November 2020) [EN/AR]

Situation Report
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Population movement

As of 12 November, 9,506 refugees and migrants have been registered as rescued/intercepted at sea by the Libyan Coast Guard (LCG) and disembarked in Libya. On 11/12 November, two shipwrecks were reported off the coast of Libya. One boat sank near Al Khums with some 120 persons aboard, 47 of whom were rescued. The second, off Surman, reportedly claimed 20 lives. On 10 November, the LCG intervened and returned a wooden boat with 11 persons to the Tripoli Naval Base. One body was recovered and 13 persons are still missing. UNHCR and its partner, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), were present at disembarkation points in order to provide urgent medical assistance and core relief items (CRIs).

Despite these recent incidents, the month of October overall had shown a marked downturn in disembarkation figures with 508 individuals disembarked, compared to 1,113 in 2019. One possible cause is the adverse tidal and wind directions during the month; 95 percent of all disembarkations were at the Tripoli Naval Base. Of those 508, 85 per cent were male, 6 per cent women, and 9 per cent children. Moroccan, Bangladeshi and Egyptian nationals made up the largest groups; 10 per cent (52 persons) were persons of concern to UNHCR. A third of those disembarked were taken by Libyan authorities to Triq Al-Sikka detention centre.

UNHCR response

Distribution of UNHCR hygiene kits (HKs), soaps, baby diapers, soap, and plastic sheeting continues at both the Community Day Centre and at the Serraj registration office in Tripoli. Through its partner CESVI, 98 individuals received items last week.

This week in Tripoli the joint UNHCR/WFP emergency food assistance for the most food-insecure refugees and asylum-seekers in Libya has continued. Over 8,000 people have been reached since the programme began in June.

The liquidity crisis once again impacts on the capacity of partner CESVI to deliver cash assistance. As such, only four refugee and asylum-seeker households received emergency cash assistance during the reporting week. For internally displaced persons (IDPs), returnees and host communities, partner Danish Refugee Council reported that preparations are ongoing for the third round of providing prepaid cash cards to a final group of 560 households.

UNHCR and partners continue to visit and monitor detention centres (DCs) in Libya. In Eastern Libya this week, partner Premiere Urgence Internationale (PUI) conducted protection monitoring at Tolmeitha DC (twice), to Al Marj DC, to Ejdabiya DC, and (twice) to Ganfouda DC. PUI distributed UNHCR CRIs/HKs to a total of 324 detainees at Al Marj (61), Ejdabiya (106), and Ganfouda (157).

Partner IRC continues to provide healthcare in Tripoli and Misrata, as well as referring urgent medical cases from the urban community. A total of 132 medical consultations and 18 referrals to secondary health facilities were provided in Tripoli, while 253 medical consultations and 50 referrals to secondary health facilities were provided in Misrata.