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UNHCR Update Libya (13 July 2022) [EN/AR]



Resettlement flights are ongoing, helping some of the most vulnerable refugees to leave Libya for safety. On 6 July, 19 refugees were flown out of Libya on a resettlement flight to Norway. Since 2017, a total of 8,504 vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees departed Libya on evacuation and resettlement flights and through complementary pathways.

On 5 July, the six talented winners of the art contest, which was organized to mark the World Refugee Day (WRD), with the theme “Everyone deserves safety”, were awarded with gift cards and UNHCR footballs. Their artwork will be displayed in UNHCR’s Serraj Registration Centre.

Population Movements

So far in 2022, 9,430 asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants have been reported as rescued or intercepted by the Libyan Coast Guard (LCG), the General Administration of Coastal Security (GACS), the Stabilization Support Apparatus (SSA) and the Libyan Navy over 100 operations. The last disembarkation took place on 6 July, with 105 survivors disembarked by the LCG in Zawya. Medical consultations, snacks and water were provided to survivors by UNHCR through partner International Rescue Committee (IRC). On 5 July, the Malian government said that a boat carrying 22 people from Mali, including three children, sank off the coast of Libya. 61 individuals were rescued on 2 July after nine days at sea. Medical consultations were provided by UNHCR’s partner IRC. UNHCR staff was informed that two other persons, transferred to hospital in Tripoli, later died.

UNHCR Response

UNHCR, with partners, continues to provide help and services to some of the most vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees. Last week, partner IRC distributed hygiene and baby kits to 27 individuals (three families) at the Community Day Centre (CDC). At Serraj Registration Centre, UNHCR identified six individuals who managed to escape from trafficking camps. They were all referred for protection interviews to identify their needs and provide the necessary assistance. Nine individuals were provided with clothing kits. Last week, 14 best interest assessments (BIAs) and 58 protection needs assessments (PNAs) were conducted with children and adults to identify their protection concerns, assess their needs, and decide on the required follow-up actions. Based on the assessments, individuals were referred to specialized services. UNHCR outreach team carried out two field visits in Al Swani and Kobri Althalajat areas in Tripoli. Over 80 individuals were visited, persons with disabilities and medical conditions were identified and necessary referrals were made for specialized services.

As of 3 July, there are 2,742 persons in detention centres (DCs) across Libya, of whom 973 are persons of concern to UNHCR. Last week, UNHCR with partner LibAid distributed blankets, mattresses, and tracksuits to 209 detainees in Ganfouda DC in the east of Libya. Partner IRC distributed hygiene kits, mattresses, slippers, and tracksuits to 220 detainees, including one woman and four children, in Triq Al Sikka DC in the west of Libya.

Through its partner IRC, UNHCR provides health services at different public primary healthcare centres in Tripoli. IRC provided 285 general health and reproductive consultations, 52 mental health consultations, and referred 72 individuals to public hospitals and private clinics. During the visits to detention centres, 29 medical consultations were provided at Triq Al-Matar DC, 52 medical consultations were provided at Triq Al-Sikka DC, and 50 medical consultations were provided at Ain Zara DC, and one detainee was referred for secondary healthcare.