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UNHCR Update Libya (13 December 2019) [EN/AR]

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  • This week, a total of 72 refugees (14 men, 40 women and 18 children) departed from Libya to the Emergency Transit Centre (ETC) in Romania. The group who are from Eritrea, Sudan and Syria were previously hosted at the Gathering and Departure Facility (GDF) as well as living in the urban community. In Romania, they will be further processed for resettlement. So far in 2019, a total of 846 individuals have departed from Libya through UNHCR's resettlement programme.

  • On 10 December, 28 individuals from Eritrea, Sudan, and Somalia were transferred out of the GDF after agreeing to accept an urban package of assistance at the Community Day Centre (CDC). The transfer included 25 men, two women and one child. Since October, a total of 174 individuals, previously hosted at the GDF, have been transferred to the urban community in nine separate operations. The GDF is currently host to some 1,050 people, of whom nearly 400 are former detainees of the Abu Salim detention centre, having entered the facility en masse last October.

  • UNHCR's assistance to internally displaced persons (IDPs) across Libya is ongoing. Since January 2019, UNHCR has provided core-relief items to more than 21,800 IDP individuals (including over 6,000 individuals in the east) and supported over 900 IDP households with cash assistance (385 families in the east).

  • Nearly 4,200 people in Libya are currently being held in detention centres (DCs), with 2,450 being of concern to UNHCR, who continues to call for an end to detention and the gradual release of all refugees and migrants to the urban community. So far in 2019, UNHCR and partners have made over 1,150 monitoring visits to Libyan DCs.