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UNHCR Libya External Update – October 2013

Situation Report
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Refugees and asylum seekers

The Department for Combating Illegal Migration (DCIM) has started releasing from detention persons of concern to UNHCR . This is a positive development and a recognition by the government of the rights of those fleeing persecution and in need of international protection. As of 30 October, 160 persons from Somalia and Eritrea were released from Sourman detention centre. 17 Somali were also released from Misrata detention centre and about 15 women from Somalia and Eritrea from Garabuli detention centre including pregnant women. Similarly, in Eastern Libya, there are no persons of concern in detention with the exception of the centre managed by the Passport Control Police and Ganfouda. In the first one, 6 persons from Eritrea and Ethiopia are detained while Ganfouda detention centre in Benghazi that recently reopened, detains 17 Somali and Ethiopians.

However, refugees and asylum seekers recently arrested continue to be transferred to the detention centre in Ajdabiya where as of 28 October, 41 Eritreans, 25 Somalis and 4 Ethiopians were detained.