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UNHCR Flash Update Libya (26 October - 2 November 2018)

Situation Report
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Population Movements

As of 29 October, the Libyan Coast Guard (LCG) rescued/intercepted 14,249 refugees and migrants (9,893 men, 2,126 women and 1,374 children) at sea during 109 operations. On 26 October, 93 refugees and migrants were disembarked at the Tripoli Naval Base, the majority of whom were from Sudan, Bangladesh, South Sudan, Somalia and Mali. Overall in October, 351 refugees and migrants were disembarked in Libya, which marks a 45 per cent decrease in comparison with previous months (713 individuals in September and 552 individuals in August). UNHCR and its partner International Medical Corps (IMC) continue to provide core-relief items (CRIs) and medical assistance both at the disembarkation points and in the detention centres to which individuals are subsequently transferred by the authorities.

UNHCR Response

So far in 2018, UNHCR has implemented 86 quick impact projects (QIPs) in Libya. During the reporting period, UNHCR delivered a generator to the Zawiat Al Dahmani health centre in Tripoli that provides medical assistance to some 1,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) and to the host communities. This QIP will ensure that the health centre has a reliable power source during the winter season. QIPs are small, rapidly implemented projects intended to help create conditions for peaceful coexistence between displaced persons and their hosting communities. QIPs also strengthen the resilience of these communities.

Since 1 September 2017, 930 individuals were submitted for resettlement to eight States (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland). A total of 70 individuals have departed on resettlement directly from Libya to Canada, France, Sweden and the Netherlands. As of October, twelve states have committed a total of 3,886 resettlement places for the Libya-Niger situation, namely, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Since November 2017, 2,082 persons were evacuated to UNHCR’s Emergency Transit Mechanism (ETM) in Niger (1,675 individuals), Italy (312 individuals) and the ETM in Romania (95 individuals).

As of 30 October, UNHCR has registered 56,444 refugees and asylum-seekers in Libya. The majority of registered refugees comprise Syrians (23,687 individuals), Sudanese (10,300 individuals) and Somalis (3,160 individuals). So far in 2018, 11,878 refugees and asylum-seekers have been registered by UNHCR. Last week alone, UNHCR registered 988 individuals, mainly from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia.

An estimated 5,243 refugees and migrants are presently detained in Libya, of whom 3,951 are persons of concern to UNHCR. So far in 2018, UNHCR has conducted 1,030 protection visits to detention centres where it has distributed 18,400 CRIs. As of 30 October, UNHCR’s partners IMC and (in the East) Première Urgence International provided 21,893 primary healthcare consultations and 231 medical referrals to public hospitals. UNHCR continues to advocate for the release of all of its persons of concern from detention and for alternatives to detention.