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UNHCR activities at disembarkation points in Libya, April 2018 [EN/AR]


Key figures:

4,034 refugees and migrants rescued/intercepted at sea by the (LCG) so far in 2018

15,358 refugees and migrants rescued/intercepted at sea by the Libyan Coast Guard (LCG) in 2017

2,351 rescue kits distributed

277 emergency medical consultations

Situation Update

As of 9 April 2018, the Libyan Coast Guard (LCG) has disembarked 4,034 refugees and migrants at sea. UNHCR and its partner International Medical Corps provided primary healthcare, hygiene kits and identified persons in need of international protection both at the disembarkation point and at the detention centre where they were subsequently transferred by the authorities. In line with recent movements, boats have been departing from areas west of Tripoli near Zwara and areas east of Tripoli near Garabulli. Three quarters of all disembarkations have been made at the Tripoli Naval Base/Abu Sitta.

In 2018 so far, the top nationalities of those migrants and refugees rescued/intercepted at sea by the LCG include individuals from Nigeria (17%), Mali (10%), Eritrea (10%), Ivory Coast (7%), while 10 percent remain unknown. Available data show that adult males represent some 65 percent of the total rescued/intercepted population, while women and children accounted for 15 percent and 9 percent respectively. UNHCR noted an increase of women and children compared to data collected in 2017. To date in 2018, 21 bodies have been recovered from the sea while 119 persons are declared as missing.