UN Calls for Immediate Cessation of Military Action and for Addressing Differences by Political Means

Tripoli, 19 May 2014 - The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) expresses its deep concern over the various acts of violence, including the assaults on official institutions and the terrorizing of civilians.

UNSMIL condemns the grave security deterioration in the Eastern region resulting in the high number of civilian casualties. The Mission calls on the authorities to immediately and quickly address the lawlessness, including the series of assassinations targeting the army, police and judiciary personnel, and to develop and implement a comprehensive security plan with the participation of political, security and social actors.

In this critical period, UNSMIL calls on all sides to immediately cease all military action and related mobilization, and to address differences by political means without violence and threats to the security of the country and the citizens. The Mission calls on Libyans to commit themselves to the building of a State based on nationally agreed principles to achieve the goals of the 17th of February revolution. It demands an end to incitement, intimidation and exacerbating sentiments of hostility, and to the circulation of rumors that deepen discord among the people.

UNSMIL emphasizes the importance of holding parliamentary elections, agreed upon by all Libyans, to ensure the peaceful transition of power. The Mission is working to ensure Libyan agreement on a political roadmap for the transitional phase, rejecting the use of force and exclusion in resolving political differences. UNSMIL will spare no effort to facilitate dialogue in the national interest of Libya and civil peace