Training of Doctors from Tawargha in treatment of Leishmania Disease Tunis, Tunsia 19 - 21 Dec. 2018 [EN/AR]

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21st December 2018, Tunis, Tunisia

The World Health Organization (WHO) organized an intensive training in Tunis on Cutaneous Leishmaniosis (CL) for seven Libyan doctors from Tawerga City who are taking care of Internally Displaced Populations (IDPs) from Tawerga, and in the IDP camps in Benghazi and Tripoli. The training was conducted by one of World-leading experts in the field.

Cutaneous leishmaniasis is considered as a major public health problem in Libya. Recently an outbreak of CL is reported among IDPs from Tawerga when they returned to their city. The parasite transmission was high, the form of the disease was severe, and a special training to treat the patients properly was needed to prevent disfigurement.

‘’Now the well-trained team can provide safe and quality treatment for their people, and as they are from Tawerga this will ensure proper continuous follow up for the patients’’ Dr. Jaffar Hussein, WHO Representative for Libya.