Statement on UN Security Council adoption of resolution on Libya, 13 February 2020

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Megan Doherty, Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy:

Yesterday’s UN Security Council resolution is a necessary first step to stop the devastating loss of life and human suffering in Libya. Despite a commitment by world leaders to de-escalate a few short weeks ago in Berlin, conditions on the ground have continued to deteriorate. More civilians are in danger, more refugees and migrants — many of whom fled persecution in their home countries — are without protection, and violations of international humanitarian law continue with impunity.

The challenge now is to swiftly implement the resolution, enforce the UN arms embargo, and support UN-led peace talks. Foreign powers are fueling this conflict by providing weapons and mercenaries to Libyan factions. We call on the United States and the UN to apply diplomatic pressure on the warring parties and their backers, and hold to account those who block humanitarian access and violate human rights.

Families in Tripoli are trapped, unable to flee to safety because of the risk of violence, including airstrikes and rocket attacks. More than 3,000 refugees and migrants are trapped in detention centers dangerously close to the fighting, where they face human rights abuses and risk being killed in the conflict.

This human suffering is man-made, unconscionable, and preventable.