Libya + 1 more

Situation at the Tunisian-Libyan borders: Flash Weekly Epidemiology Report #2 (From 02/05/2011 until 08/05/2011)


Main issues :

• Following a lull, during these past two days, wounded cases have been referred to regional health structures in Tataouine. The Medenine regional hospital is increasingly involved in the provision of care for the wounded.

• There are increasing numbers of refugees in Tataouine. According to local authorities (UNHCR Bulletin n°6), they would amount to approximately 50,000 persons. A refugee camp is currently being set up, with the assistance of the Qatari government, in the Tataouine city stadium. The Tunisian Army has set up a health service delivery point while waiting for other reinforcements.

• There is a need to improve the flow of information at all levels.

• To this day, insufficient support has been received by international and national NGOs to ensure health promotion.