Semi Report: On the situation in Sirte Centre and its Outskirts (1 October 2017)

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This report is a summary of the organisation's work; from 1st March 2017 to 30th September 2017; at the head of this mission, Mr Ismail Hassan, accompanied by some local volunteers and activists; this was done with the partnership with Alsalam Charity, represented by its Executive director Mr Hatem Atawaijir.

Alrassed also had a number of participations and contributions in coordination with the Qudurat for Training & Consulting, represented by its director Dr Ahmed Auri and Dr Eyad Al-lahham. - A Comprehensive and detailed report on the work of the two organisations will follow (scheduled for 2017-12-01), which will also include illegal immigration in the central region and Beni Walid.

This report summarises the results of the organisation's efforts and activities in the Central Region (Sirte and its outskirts), which included:

1- The City Centre – Sirte (Alrabat, No.1 , No.2 & No.3)
2- Abu Najim
3- Wadi Bay
4- Wadi Zamzam
5- Herawah
6- Al-Henioh
7- Abu Hadi
8- Wadi Jarf
9- Wadi Al-Gharbiyaat
10- Al-Hishah Al-jadida (Abu Gureen)

Thus, through the field visits, which targeted each of the mentioned areas, which includes the city of Sirte and its suburbs; which was aimed at knowing the conditions experienced by the public sector and the level of public services available; especially with regard to health, environment, water, electricity & communications, education & security, as well as the remnants of the recent war against ISIS/Daash.

Accordingly, a number of communications and interviews was made with a number of activists, officials, doctors, members of civil society, teachers and some dignitaries, who are active in restoring the normal life of the city. Alrassed conducted a number of meetings with a group of different age groups from different professions and specialties, as well as patients, people with special needs and displaced persons.