Ongoing water cuts and disruptions in Libya’s Tripoli and coastal cities impact 600,000 children [EN/AR]

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Attributable to Abdel-Rahman Ghandour, UNICEF Special Representative in Libya

TUNIS, 3 December 2017- “Over 2 million people including nearly 600,000 children in Tripoli and other coastal cities in the north-western parts of Libya are left without running water in the public network for the second time in two months.

“Pipes feeding the al-Shwerfi water pumping station, 370 kilo meters south of Tripoli have been cut off for almost one week. This is blocking the daily supply of 1.15 million cubic metres of water to the north-western areas of the country.

“These water cuts are forcing people to resort to potentially unsafe or contaminated water, increasing the risk of an outbreak of waterborne diseases and adding to the suffering and decline in living conditions of children in Libya.

“Access to Water is a fundamental Human Right and International Humanitarian Law protects civilian infrastructure and the right of civilians to access basic services.

“UNICEF urges all involved parties to resume the water supply and calls on all parties to the conflict in Libya to end all attacks on water facilities and civilian infrastructure.”

For more information:
Mostafa Omar, UNICEF Libya, +216 990 70 815