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OIC begins repatriating displaced people on Libyan borders to their countries

The Organization of the Islamic Conference began to deport a number of displaced people on the Tunisian border, within the framework of a humanitarian plan with it elaborated with the outbreak of the crisis of the people stranded on the Libyan borders with Egypt and Tunisia. In this context, the OIC sent a plane which transported Sudanese displaced people from Ras Judair on the Tunisian boarder , to the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. It also sent another plane which transported Malian displaced people to Bamako. The evacuation plan is scheduled to continue over the next weak to repatriate a number of stranded Mauritanians to their country.

Evacuation operations are financed by Islamic humanitarian organizations in the Republic of South Africa, led by the Gift of the Givers Foundation.

Meanwhile, the OIC initiated, through its humanitarian coordination unit it established on the Tunisian Libyan borders, the distribution of relief items to approximately 7,000 people in camps for displaced people in Ras Judair.