Mid-month (1-15 July) Health Sector Operational Update, Libya

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Pillar 1: Leadership, Coordination, Planning and Monitoring

UNICEF: Coordination meetings with NCDC, PCHI and MOH are ongoing. Activities related to COVID-19 preparedness and response including COVID 19 vaccines introduction to the country. Supportive supervision visits have been conducted by UNICEF health staff to Saha municipality EPI and COVID 19 immunization sites.

Helpcode coordinates with national and local stakeholders for supporting COVID19 vaccination in Ghat and Wadi Al Hayat districts.

IMC: Coordination with relevant authorities such as the NCDC, PCHI, MOH and DHMs is ongoing. Activities pertinent to COVID-19 preparedness and response are implemented through the support of BHA, EUTF and GIZ.

TDH: Coordination with relevant Local Authorities (NCDC, MOH, UNICEF) for activities pertinent to COVID-19 response and vaccine campaign rollout are ongoing.

Pillar 2: Risk communication and community engagement (RCCE)

UNICEF: Demand Creation, Risk Communication and Community Engagement (DRCCE): In coordination with the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), the second phase of (DRCCE) campaign was launched targeting 20 municipalities in East region to support social mobilization and raise awareness on the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, during the reporting period the following municipalities have been targeted, Emsad, Toubrak , Omarazm, Derna, Algobba , Algegab, Alabrag. The main activities conducted were, live radio sessions, Vaccination centers visited, training of 115 master trainers from Public health college, medical college, health care workers, red crescent volunteers, and scouts on conduction of COVID-19 vaccination awareness sessions. The total estimated number of beneficiaries from this campaign around 125,000 people reached through with local social media posts. Red crescent and scouts targeted, 7000 people by distribution of promotion materials and 18,000 people reached through from focus group discussion. The total estimated number of beneficiaries around, 180,000 individuals.

IMC maintained information dissemination activities with regard to C-19 in its target locations through community health workers and mobile medical units as well as through social media. Within the reported period, there were 1,706 community members reached through awareness sessions.

GIZ: Four workshops on municipal response to the pandemic were held with Municipal Emergency Committee members in Al Zintan, Jadu, Nalut and Msalata. Implemented by “TEAM Libya for Development and Training” and MoH officers.

IOM medical team conducted 140 outreach campaigns and awareness raising sessions in Sebha, Ubari, Tripoli, Zwara, Bani Waleed and Benghazi. A total of 4,080 migrants improved their awareness and knowledge of the COVID-19 prevention methods and health seeking behaviors when having the suspected symptoms.

TDH: Coordination ongoing with NCDC, UNICEF to support campaign on the importance of vaccination against COVID-19 and continue the promotion of critical preventive measures through distribution of printed material, social and mass media spots. The DRCCE detailed plan is under finalization. It will start immediately after the procurement phase and the hiring of key staff and the selection of an advertising company. Meeting with UNICEF was held to identify possible area of cooperation, in particular regarding using UNICEF’ developed material for COVID-19 prevention in the operational area of TDH (Tripoli, Ghat and Ubari), in order to harmonize messages to the population (Libyan and non-Libyan).