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Logistics Cluster Libya Operation Situation Report - 25 May 2011

Situation Report
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• WFP met with Libyan diaspora NGOs and community delegates in Zarzis to discuss the prevailing situation and government dynamics of the western regions of Libya. It was recommended that organizations use the overland supply route through the Dehiba border and across the Nafusa mountains through Nalut to Zintan. If the border is closed, there are secondary roads to the north and south of the crossing that can be used.

• There are two main supply routes for the Nafusa Mountain area: one running north of the mountain range, and a secondary road running south, both of which are reported to be in good condition. The road to the north is wider and considered more suitable for trucks.
Storage facilities are available through local community committees.

• Food aid stocks in Misurata are decreasing, however, local private traders are starting to bring commodities to the market.