Logistics Cluster: Libya Operation Situation Report



• A convoy of WFP trucks carrying wheat flour from Tunisia arrived in Tripoli on 18 April. This opens a new humanitarian corridor to Tripoli that will allow the humanitarian community to access previously closed areas in western Libya.


• Misurata remains closed to road transport, however, organizations are continuing to access via sea. There are unconfirmed reports that insurance for vessels into Misurata port is increasing due to the security situation on the ground. Organizations are advised to use the commercial port in Misurata where a crane is reported to be available for offloading.

• Numerous small ships are continuing to deliver relief items to Misurata from Malta.

• Humanitarian organizations report that the Government of Malta is supportive of aid efforts and is facilitating the timely clearance of humanitarian aid in transit to Libya.

• A WFP assessment of Benghazi airport showed that the airport is in need of the following:

  • UHF communications - 5 sets of 10

  • 5 more VHF ground to air radios (2 sets for the tower, 3 sets for the ACC)

  • Additional fire-fighting vehicles (three were lost in the crisis)

  • Instrument Landing System (although not required during the summer as visibility is good)