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Libya: Tripoli Clashes Situation Report No. 25 As of 24 May 2019 (covering 17 – 24 May)

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82,300 people internally displaced by ongoing hostilities

135 civilian casualties confirmed, including 31 civilian fatalities

45,600 people assisted with some form of humanitarian assistance since the onset of crisis

$10.2M funding required for Tripoli Flash Appea


The humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate as a direct result of the armed conflict in and around Tripoli. 135 civilian casualties, including 31 fatalities, have now been confirmed since the beginning of clashes.1 Health personnel and facilities continue to be impacted by the armed conflict, in violation of International Humanitarian Law (IHL). Two health workers were killed and three others injured on 23 May when two clearly-marked armoured ambulance vehicles were struck in the Triq Al Matar area of Tripoli. One ambulance was struck, immediately killing a doctor on board. A second ambulance, dispatched to recover casualties from the first attach, was subsequently also struck by shelling, killing one paramedic and injuring two others and a doctor on board. To date, 6 health workers have been killed, 7 health workers have been injured, 14 ambulances have been impacted and 2 health facilities have been impacted/evacuated as a result of armed conflict. These incidents further hamper the ability of already overstretched health services to provide vital assistance to civilians, including those injured as a result of armed conflict. IHL obligates all parties to take constant care to spare civilians and civilian objects, including medical personnel and assets.
Deliberate attacks on clearly marked medical transports constitute war crimes under IHL.

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