Libya Situation Report #6, 21 February 2016

Situation Report
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  • On 01 January 2016, the new emergency operation (EMOP) 200925 came into effect. EMOP 200925, ‘Assistance to People Affected by the Crisis in Libya’ has replaced EMOP 200776, which closed on 31 December 2015, and aims to scale-up to reach 210,000 beneficiaries by December 2016, pending available resources.

  • During January, WFP reached 67,200 people through cooperating partners Sheikh Taher Azzawi Charity Organisation (STACO) and LibAid.

Situation Update

  • The UN-brokered Government of National Accord (GNA) was unveiled on 19 January. While backed by the international community, it was rejected by the House of Representatives. Libya’s Presidency Council is re-drafting a GNA list of members.

  • The conflict and lack of security within Libya and along its borders has led to a greater number of refugees and migrants using the country as an exit point to reach Europe.

  • According to the latest Humanitarian Response Plan (November 2015), there are approximately 435,000 internally displaced people in Libya. The HRP states that there are 1.28 million people at risk of food insecurity in Libya, of which 210,000 are in need of food assistance.

  • Collaborating with UNHCR, WFP plans to provide food assistance to up to 40,000 refugees and asylum seekers, registered through UNHCR, in addition to the 170,000 IDPs and vulnerable members of host communities.