Libya: Sending of a humanitarian plane

In order to deal with the humanitarian emergency and in response to the request by the Libyan National Transitional Council, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs organized a humanitarian flight which took off from Roissy this morning for Benghazi.

France was the first country to send humanitarian assistance to Benghazi. Our commitment in this area is unfailing. Responding to the humanitarian emergency is a priority.

The A340 aircraft, made available by Airbus at the request of the French government, is carrying 9 tons of medical equipment and medications, including 2 tons collected by “Tulip,” the company that collects donations from drug manufacturers. A ton of medical equipment and medications is also being transported on behalf of Doctors Without Borders - Belgium.

Personnel from 4 NGOs (La chaîne de l’espoir, HumaniTerra, Pharmacie & aide humanitaire and Télécoms sans frontiers), who will provide assistance to the civilian populations in Libya, are also traveling on board the plane.