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Libya Quarterly Inter-Sector Reporting: Refugee and Migrant Response Plan (Reporting Period: May 2017)


1 - Key Development(s)/changes (if any)

In the month of May, actors of the MMWG have observed the managerial fractions at the headquarter level of DCIM. DCIM has announced Mohamed Bashir as the new head of DCIM while at the same time the supreme court has reclaimed Mohamed Issa as the head of DCIM. The structural dysfunctions and power struggles internal to DCIM have resulted in conflicting communications about who is the head of the institution, what committee or official oversees the activities of humanitarian actors and what is the process that the latter should follow to obtain access to the various detention centers. Despite those challenges, the actors of the MMWG have continued their regular visits to detention centres and disembarkation points where assistance have been offered to migrants and refugees. During the month 4,027 migrants were rescued in Libyan waters of total 17 operations in different areas along the coast; 9 in AlZawyah, 4 in Zwara, 4 operations in Tripoli. 1,780 were rescued off Azzawiya. Direct Assistance of food, health services, NFIs and psychosocial support were provided by IOM, UNHCR and implementing partners upon disembarkation.
IOM is also enhancing the reception area following rescue at sea operations and engineering assessments are ongoing at three disembarkation points in Tripoli, Al Khums and Janzour. In the month of May 1,119 migrants have been assisted with voluntary humanitarian return to their countries of origin. To further facilitate the process of voluntary humanitarian return for certain nationalities, IOM is currently re-assessing the network of embassies in Libya and establishing new communication and advocacy initiatives to address uncooperative embassies and approach new ones. IOM is in the process of extending medical services to additional detention centers engaging with more implementing partners in Tripoli, Benghazi and the southern regions. Medical screening and referral services will be extended to the points of disembarkation at the time of rescue at sea operations. On May 4th a MMWG meeting was held where donors were also invited, updates from the sector were presented and advocacy messages to the Libyan authorities were discussed. The case management sub-working group to the Mixed Migration Working Group held one meeting in May and bi-weekly meetings with UN agencies, international and national NGOs are now being scheduled to discuss protection issues related to refugees and migrants. The working group has started to map available services and initial discussions are being held on establishment of referral mechanisms for protection cases.