Libya Humanitarian Relief Operation - Narrative Report

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Report No: 001

Report Date: 15.04.2011

Head of Delegation: Zafer Karakaş

Contact Number: 00 218 92 229 45 32

Generated by: Cenk Kalfaoğlu, International Relations Delegate

Contact Number: 00 218 92257 23 24

With view to supporting Libyan Red Crescent Society (LRCS) in response to ongoing internal conflict with in Libya as well as to alleviate the suffering of people those lost their loved ones, affected by the negative impact of the event and forcibly displaced from their homes. Turkish Red Crescent, in a wake of the conflict and humanitarian crisis generated as result, put all its Disaster Management and Logistics Centres and branches on alert immediately. In Disaster Operation Centres of TRC, special task group for Middle East and North Africa (MENA) desk established on 7/24 basis so as to conduct relief operation for Libya in close coordination and collaboration with relevant national and international stake holders as well as individual and institutional donors. By taking the result of the conflict still prevailing along the country into consideration, Turkish Red Crescent established its delegations in Benghazi as of 13 March 2011. For the time being, 13 Turkish Red Crescent Disaster Response Delegates have been deployed to the country delegation.:


Base on the need assessment reports and requests raised by Libyan Red Crescent Society (LRCS) as a 1st shipment; on the date of 11th March, Turkish Red Crescent dispatched 714 tons of relief items worth of USD 3 million and composed of food, medicine and medical supplies, water, tents, blankets, hygiene sets as well as mobile bakery, which has a capacity production of daily 10.000 breads, by ship to the Benghazi The afore mentioned relief items were handed over to the LRCS and are being distributed to the affected people those are accommodated at IDP camps and taken care of by their relatives at Benghazi, Mishurata, Ajdabia and Tobruk.

As a 2nd consignment of on-going shipment; another relief items weighted 284 tons and worth of USD 575 thousands dispatched by Turkish Red Crescent ,from Mersin Port to the Benghazi by ship. By this shipment 3 fully equipped ambulances,12.500 ea food ratios (each package consisting 5 kg wheat flour, 5 kg sugar, 2.5 kg rice, 2 kg red beans, 2 kg pasta, 2 kg beans, 750 gr salt, 2 kg Chickpea). 2000 ea hygiene sets, 5000 pieces patient diaper for adults, 7 pallets medical supplies brought to Benghazi and handed over to the LRCS on 6th of April. Meanwhile as a 3rd relief consignment, 11 tons of medicine and medical supplies worth of USD 245 thousands sent by Turkish Red Crescent by a military air craft C130 from Ankara directly to Benghazi on 5th of April.

Upon the request of Libyan Committee for Humanitarian Aid and Relief (LCHAR) and LRCS, the Turkish Red Crescent prepared another huge relief consignment including, 20 tons of rice, 40 tons of sugar, 279.384 bottle of water ( each 1.5 lt.), 50 tons of wheat flour, 25.000 bottle of cooking oil (each 2 lt.), 206.590 packages of pasta ( each 500 gr.), 20.000 cans of tomato paste (each 1kg), 360.000 ea milk ( each 1lt.), 125.000 cans of tuna fish ( each 80 gr.), 52.000 ea cream cheese ( each 12.5 gr.), 30 tons of beans, 3 tons of milk powder, 400.000 ea sourdough (each 100 gr.) 480.000 packages of high calorine biscuits, 4.003.200 pieces of baby diaper, 47.808 pieces of soap ( each of 200 gr.) 303 kg various kind of medicine, 100 sets of portable generator ( each 5.5 kw) and 10 tons of onion, to dispatched from Istanbul to directly Mıshurata with via sea through one dry load ship.

For the purpose of capacity enhancement of Libyan Red Crescent Society for effective coordination and management of on-going relief operation and transportation of wounded people to the safer place and hospitals, 2 fully equipped ambulances and 15 sets of Thuraya Satellite Phones have been added to this consignment.

The ship is anticipated to leave for Misurata on 16th of April and expected to arrive by 20th of April. The relief items, which details given at the attached Gift Certifiacte, weighed 837 tons and worth of USD 833.323,14 USD is going to be handed over to the Libyan Red Crescent Society’s Misurata Branch.

Turkish Red Crescent will continue to support ongoing relief operations on the ground by providing necessary relief items as long as situation getting recovered.

With our profound regards

Zafer Karakaş Head of Turkish Red Crescent Country Delegation for Libya

Annex/Attachment : List of Relief items sent to Libya