Libya: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (September 2021)

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A total of 127 access constraints were reported by humanitarian partners through the Access Monitoring and Reporting Framework in September 2021. Bureaucratic restrictions on the movement of humanitarian staff and relief supplies continue to constitute the vast majority of reported impediments, especially those related to the lack of visas for international staff of humanitarian organizations. The severity of these constraints continues to increase significantly in the absence of immediate and sustainable solutions. Support from national authorities by promulgating a clear guidance that ensures a consistent process and delivery of visas for international staff is paramount. In September, an incident involving the obstruction of vulnerable people's access to services and assistance was reported. In line with the humanitarian principles, full and unhindered access to humanitarian aid should be in place and is a prerequisite to an effective humanitarian response. The humanitarian community calls upon all parties to promote the respect for humanitarian principles and to ensure Libya’s commitment to the International Humanitarian Law.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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